#weekendcoffeeshare: March Edition

March 1st – 3rd

This weekend was really fun, because I celebrated my 28th birthday. Even though I worked, I still had time to eat Chinese food, open presents, and eat ice cream cake for dessert. That Saturday was my cousin’s birthday, so I sent her a happy birthday text. Saturday I worked, and had the day off on Sunday. Usually, when have days off, I just chill around the house.

March 8th – 10th

This weekend, I had two days off. I read more of Woke Up Lonely, which I’d been struggling to finish. It hit that point where I just really wanted to be done with the book. At least, in my case, the end was drawing near, which meant the plot was ratcheting up.

March 15th – 17th

On Friday, I had the day off, so I spent the afternoon with my Grandma Joan and mom. We went out to eat for lunch, and I tasted my first falaffel–a vegetarian blend of cheese, tomatoes, and naan bread. I was a little apprehensive about getting something that was all vegetables, but to my surprise I loved it! I would definitely try more falaffel in the future, especially one with meat in it. I also got my contacts, and was super happy to not have to wear my glasses.

Saturday, I spent most the day working. I played a little bit of Stardew Valley when I got home, but I ended up going to bed early because I felt so tired. Stardew is one of my favorite games, because of how relaxing and calm the game play is. It’s even more fun with friends.

Today, Sunday, I had all morning to just relax watching more of Queer Eye–I’m still catching up, because I’m only on the first season–while I ate breakfast, and then lunch after I got ready for the day. I’m working a later shift today, so I’ll be one of the people closing at my Target. (Closing just means that I’m staying until the store closes.)

Because I cashier, I get to see lots of cute little kids and babies. Sometimes, kids are shy. Other times, they love having someone to talk to while their parents do grown-up things–like paying for groceries or toys. I enjoy handing out stickers to little kids. If someone isn’t having a good day, handing a boy or girl a sticker “with a puppy” on it will help. And sometimes the crying or tantrum just can’t be solved with a sticker. Which is okay! There are days where I don’t like having to shop either, so I get the frustration.

I find it funny when kids keep asking me questions, or just feel like they should comment on everything I’m scanning. I’ve been called a Target Lady, had kids ask me what my name is (because they are curious or too young to read), and recently had a little boy say “neigh” when I scanned his toy horse. I thought that was pretty cute.

With kids and adults, I just go with the flow and just stay positive at work. It wouldn’t help me or the guests if I have a bad attitude.

Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!


By Meghan B.

Hello there! I'm Meghan. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Although I'm almost 30, I haven't lost my sense of child-like wonder for the world around me. I've been making up stories my whole life: My imaginative play with toys as a child has grown up with me, maturing into my imaginative wordplay with fantasy and sci-fi novels, as well as free-verse poetry. I thrive on creating something with my hands and with my mind, using my pen or my keyboard.

When I'm not working, I'm reading, writing, or knitting, I'm sleeping. I also enjoy watching Netflix, occasionally playing open-world video games, or hanging out with my family, my two golden girl retrievers Bentley and Charlie, my friends, or my boyfriend Rory.

Happy blogging!


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