Workin’ Moms

I recently just finished this comedy about women in the workplace. It takes place in Toronto. One thing I was immediately jealous of was the amount of time that these women–from all walks of life–were able to take off. One women, Kate, took off nine months.

As a woman who would like to have kids way down the road, this sounded amazing. I find it strange that the United States doesn’t willingly hop on board with having mothers (and fathers) have extended leave.

Still, this is a show that begins with Kate having to go back to her high-powered job at a company. While she’s welcomed back, Kate finds that there are challenges to returning to work while trying to be a new mom. She ends up quickly feeling like she’s being pulled in two directions: she does love her son, but she tries to find the perfect babysitter, which results in her hiring her mother. Of course, because her mother is a little odd and particular in her likes and dislikes (for instance, she doesn’t like Ollie their little dog for fear he’ll bite Charlie) hilarity ensues.

This show is funny: Kate encounters a bear on her morning run, stroller in hand; Frankie submerges her head in a pool at a house she’s showing as a realtor; Anne–a psychiatrist–snaps at her daughter for wearing inappropriate clothes in front of a patient; and Jenny comments on her boss’s Facebook pic of him in fishing gear, saying, “I like pants,” while trying to insinuate that she wants to start an affair with him–she’s married and has a baby. Oh! The chats during the Mommy and Me group sessions are pretty hysterical, too.

This show covers topic like postpartum depression, infidelity, abortion, and yelling at a bear to scare him off, which actually works. Do not try yelling at a bear, this is not advised.

I’m looking forward to the second season, which I hope crops up on Netflix soon.

If you want a show about moms, cute babies, funny situations that come out of not-so-funny-situations, and something heartfelt, definitely check out Workin’ Moms. It’s worth it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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