Stardew Valley

Hello, everyone!

These past few months, I’ve become obsessed with a little farming game called Stardew Valley. I never played Harvest Moon as a child, but I did watch a friend of mine play it for a bit.

Stardew is about a guy or girl, possibly in their twenties, inheriting their grandfather’s farm. One of the last things your grandfather says to you is that the fast-paced world will become too much for you. When this happens, you are able to go to the farm and live among the residents of Pelican Town.

One thing that I love deeply about this game is the relaxing atmosphere. The pixelated artwork is full of lush trees, bushes, and berries. There is very little violence, which only takes place when you’re in the mines searching for rocks or precious minerals. Even as the game has become busier for me–taking care of chickens and cows and watering my crops–I still feel calm while playing.

The longer I’ve played, the more invested I feel in this imaginary world. I can tell that Concerned Ape–the game developer–and Chucklefish did a really good job, because I find the animals utterly adorable. They also act like real animals, too: the cows moo, and my dog will wag his tail furiously when he’s by me.

I’m excited to expand upon my knowledge of this wonderful world, a place where I feel closer to nature.

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