six years

a poem about my six years spent blogging.

morning pages

I’m up early & writing,laying down wordslike laying fresh bricks:one word in front of the other, rapid-firing on my keyboard I’m up early & writing,creating with the right side of my brain,writing with my left handsplaying out the pages on my desk,getting ink smudges on my wrist I’m writing to give my characters life,to solidifyContinue reading “morning pages”


Your textile mill& your straight-laced columns of mathematicskept me in line—but when I sent kiss-o-gramsto the cute boy in cubicle three,you crippled me with laughter,a bruised knee,& sideways shoves into the lockers. When I held his hand for the first time,—fly-me-to-Jupiter, over-the-moon happy—you said I was gross& plenty of other terrible things, too. I stillContinue reading “Straight-Laced”


I hop from branch to branch,peeping & tweeting,as I collect small sticks for my nest I’m a goldfinch,yellow & black,tiny feet gripping the branches as I flit to & fro,munching on sunflower, alder, & birch seeds M.B.B.2/20/14(fixed 1/29/16)(edited 5/28/2020)

The Science Guy

Bill Nye was amazing. His lecture was funny, poignant, hopeful, personal, and highly informative. The gym in the RFC (our workout center at Morris) was packed with students of all ages. (A mom with her husband and their elementary school aged daughter and son sat in front of me. The girl thought that Bill NyeContinue reading “The Science Guy”

resting place

In my life, I’m busy:Homework keeps me on my toes,friends invite me to socialize & social events,& the real world awaits. But the mountains are calling, John Muir says,& I must go,the Misty Mountains are calling,& dwarves are in my Hobbit hole. The mountains, Misty or not, stand stock still,as unshakeable as soldiers.The streams gurgle,theContinue reading “resting place”

The Journey

There’s a tall glass of water on the counter,& a tiny door in front of you. It’s like Alice’s passage into Wonderland,an oaken door to adventure,to green parks & freshly painted houses all in rows You’re about to embrace an adventure,a road where no one has traveled,where your bare feet will be the first printsContinue reading “The Journey”

an ocean

Your blue-green wavestug me from the soft sand & beckon me into your lapping waters,where I splash youwith my goose-pimpled skin,warmed by the sudden blaze of Volcanus’ heat from your undertow. M.B.B.5/28/15edited 5/23/2020

Dear Jude

I miss your cleaning. I miss hearing you trot out arpeggios in the middle of the night on the piano, when you can’t seem to grasp reality. I miss your cooking. I miss the sound of your voice, even when you’re angry. I miss the looks you shared with Willem; I miss you looking atContinue reading “Dear Jude”