When You Believe: The Prince of Egypt & the Corona Virus

Hello, dear readers.

As I’m sure you know, the Corona virus is spreading. The fear here in the United States is very real. At Target where I work we’re daily out of toilet paper; we’re rationing things like hand sanitizer and trying our best to adhere to social distancing. In the town where I live, we only have three respirators in our hospital.

With 5,800+ cases and now 100 deaths, it’s clearly getting to be more serious in America. I’m now starting to get worried, and my anxiety is starting to amp up.

I’m a practicing Lutheran; my whole family are Lutherans. In this troubling time, I find the music from The Prince of Egypt to be uplifting and a strong reminder that the Lord hears our prayers. He hears our cries to heaven, and listens to the needs of His people.