Dear Jude

I miss your cleaning. I miss hearing you trot out arpeggios in the middle of the night on the piano, when you can’t seem to grasp reality. I miss your cooking. I miss the sound of your voice, even when you’re angry. I miss the looks you shared with Willem; I miss you looking at the rising sun at the office. I miss your smile, hidden behind your hand. I love the sound of you singing in German. You’re one of the smartest men I know. May I give you a hug? Would you want to go for tea sometime? I miss the sparkle in your green eyes. I love how ruthless you are in court, how you glue everyone’s eyes on you. Don’t let the old bastards get you down. I love the way your hands move across the keys of a piano, how they finely chop onions or carrots. You’re the most sensitive person I know. Don’t worry, JB was right: It will get better.

Thank you for your life.

I miss you so much.



Dogs are too Good for Us

Dogs are too good for us. They love us unconditionally, a sign of undying love in their licks and tail wags, whether we leave for a day or five minutes (and then come back). In heaven, it should be filled with tennis balls, treats to eat, and fluffy clouds to sleep on.

Dogs are too good for us. We don’t deserve their sweet, soft hazel-chocolate gazes. They love exercise; walks are the best thing ever. I love her soft little ears, her button black nose. I love how Charlie curls up on her soft bed, how she woofs softly in her dreams.

Dogs are too good for us. We don’t deserve their friendship; they are our hiking buddies, our companions as we eat, sleep, and wash dishes. Dogs are our comforters when cry and when we cheer.

Dogs are just too good for us.


Note: inspired by a conversation with a friend.