Piano Keystrokes

I play keystrokes like some play the piano.

I plink out words, which are my melodies.

I move with the flow of words.

My song flows out of my wrists like a rushing river.

My left and right-hand move in synchronized ballet, each lifting and falling on their tippy toes.

Some people play the piano; I play with the click and clack of words on a keyboard.


Note: the image I used comes from Wallpaper Cave.

New Music Downloads

I do listen to other bands than just Blue October.

I love indie rap, Rammstein, Blind Guardian, Imogen Heap, Atmosphere, Dessa, Doomtree, and tons of scores by famous composers like John Williams, Philip Glass, and some up and coming composers, like Hildur Gudnadttir. I hadn’t heard of her until I watched the show Chernobyl which had me struggling to fall asleep without the lights on. What Hildur Gudnadttir does for music is thrilling, leaving you shivering with tingles from how powerful her music is. She’s a master at writing music, creating top-notch scores.