On Love

My boyfriend lives two hours away from me. While I’m fortunate that this is all the distance that’s separating us, I still miss seeing him in person. I miss him even more now that the Corona virus is keeping us safely indoors. Thankfully, I had the chance to see him over Valentine’s Day, where we spent three bliss-filled days in each other’s presence. We went to a movie, visited several antique stores, and hung out around my house.


Time Capsule: The Mystery of Dog Love

Hello, dear readers!

Whenever I come home from work, Bogan and Bentley–my long-haired standard Dachshund and my golden retriever–rush me. Bentley will snatch up her pink piggy stuffy (without the stuffing) and vigorously wag her tail. If she’s really glad I’m home, she might even jump on me, gleeful that I have returned from my place where I sit in my metal car. Because Boggie is older than Bentley, and less hyper these days, he’ll be the caboose in my greeting party. Still, his brown and black tail whips back and forth, as delicate as any banner fluttering in the wind.