Letters for Lucardo Vol. 2: Fortunate Beasts

Edward and his lover Lucardo return in the second volume of the graphic novel series Letters for Lucardo. For those of you who haven’t read the first graphic novel, see the quick summary below:

Ed and Lucardo find out they are attracted to each other one day, as Ed is writing letters. Their passion is interrupted, and they hastily break apart. As Ed and Lucardo become lovers, the only thing standing in their way is Lucardo’s father: a man who doesn’t like that his vampire son is dating someone who is beneath him in society. As a wealthy household, Lucardo’s father would rather Lucardo date someone worthy of his station.

Lucardo defends Ed, and continues to defy his father. The first novel ends with Ed leaving to find work as a scribe elsewhere, due to Lucardo’s father’s suggestion that he would be doing right by his lover.