Alfie Bell has a lot going for him: he’s making good money, he’s got his own place, and he’s looking for love. When he accidentally comes out as gay at his mate’s wedding, his world is turned upside-down. Shocked at his reveal, Alfie leaves the wedding in a rush, leaving the place of reception asContinue reading “Pansies”


Ash Winters is a novelist; Ash Winters struggles with bipolar 1 disorder, and has severe anxiety. After a one night stand with a gorgeous glitter pirate by the name of Darian Taylor, Ash think that this is it. Yet, he keeps coming back to Darian, a man who talks with a heavy Essex accent, whoContinue reading “Glitterland”

Hexhunter (Hexworld Book # 4)

I started this series backwards, first reading the fourth book, then working my way through the series from book one. I wanted to see what this series was all about, since it looked interesting: A world where hexes are used as commonly as electricity, in an alternative world parallel to our own.


Raleigh made a promise to his brother, one that he intends to keep. He also desperately wants to join the group headed to Mars. But when a stranger falls from the sky, landing in the dirt in Texas, Raleigh feels himself being pulled in all directions. Can he still fall in love, or will heContinue reading “Scardust”