Alfie Bell has a lot going for him: he’s making good money, he’s got his own place, and he’s looking for love.

When he accidentally comes out as gay at his mate’s wedding, his world is turned upside-down. Shocked at his reveal, Alfie leaves the wedding in a rush, leaving the place of reception as quickly as possible. In a pub, he meets a handsome man around his age, and sleeps with him.

To his horror, Alfie learns that the guy he just slept with is his old classmate, James O’Donaghue. He used to torment James for being different, without realizing that he himself was just as different from everyone else, just like James–who now goes by his real name Fen, short for Fenimore.



Ash Winters is a novelist; Ash Winters struggles with bipolar 1 disorder, and has severe anxiety.

After a one night stand with a gorgeous glitter pirate by the name of Darian Taylor, Ash think that this is it. Yet, he keeps coming back to Darian, a man who talks with a heavy Essex accent, who thinks that he talks like the Queen. He and Darian are nothing alike.


Hexhunter (Hexworld Book # 4)

I started this series backwards, first reading the fourth book, then working my way through the series from book one. I wanted to see what this series was all about, since it looked interesting: A world where hexes are used as commonly as electricity, in an alternative world parallel to our own.


Letters for Lucardo Vol. 2: Fortunate Beasts

Edward and his lover Lucardo return in the second volume of the graphic novel series Letters for Lucardo. For those of you who haven’t read the first graphic novel, see the quick summary below:

Ed and Lucardo find out they are attracted to each other one day, as Ed is writing letters. Their passion is interrupted, and they hastily break apart. As Ed and Lucardo become lovers, the only thing standing in their way is Lucardo’s father: a man who doesn’t like that his vampire son is dating someone who is beneath him in society. As a wealthy household, Lucardo’s father would rather Lucardo date someone worthy of his station.

Lucardo defends Ed, and continues to defy his father. The first novel ends with Ed leaving to find work as a scribe elsewhere, due to Lucardo’s father’s suggestion that he would be doing right by his lover.


Center of Gravity: Nook Island

When you’re with the one you love, every day should feel like an adventure.

Rob is an accountant. He’s a straight-laced, by-the-book kind of guy. When he hooks up with a younger guy who’s in his 20’s at a bar, Rob does his best to forget about the guy, chalking it up to an experience he probably won’t have ever again.

Alex is a fly-by-night kind of guy, working at a moving service for all kinds of people. When he happens to get a job where he’s helping Rob move his parent’s stuff out of their old house–learning that both of Rob’s folks passed away–they bump into each other. Awkwardness and sexual tension ensues. As Alex and Rob make a connection with one other as they move stuff out of Rob’s parents house, they long to be closer to one another.



Raleigh made a promise to his brother, one that he intends to keep. He also desperately wants to join the group headed to Mars. But when a stranger falls from the sky, landing in the dirt in Texas, Raleigh feels himself being pulled in all directions. Can he still fall in love, or will he have to choose between the mysterious stranger and his promise to his brother?