When Seth Tanner’s younger brother is murdered during a ghost sighting gone awry, Seth finds himself in the hospital. Under suicide watch, Seth is considered to be a little off his rocker, because he keeps mentioning that he and his brother met something supernatural that night. Two years later, with his parents dead, and with only some money, Seth finds himself using his parents fifth-wheeler as a home, with his truck and Hayabusa as his form of transportation. During those two years, Seth has trained and fought with supernatural beings, working as a hunter against things that go bump in the night.


The Rising

Bad weather. Unexplained hangings. Pirates.

In this installment of Morgan Brice’s Badlands series, homicide detective Vic and his clairvoyant boyfriend Simon face a new threat–a threat that deals with pirates, vengeful spirits, and a haunted manor. The Rising also focuses on how Simon and Vic’s continually growing relationship, especially how they are stronger together than when they are apart.


Lucky Town

This is a Badlands novella, the sequel to Badlands. I was excited to return to the world of Vic and Simon, who are some of my favorite characters. In this novel, Simon discovers that two murders–one in Myrtle Beach and another in Pittsburgh–are supernaturally linked. He also learns that one of the Old Ones–a very old mythical creature–is making people’s lives miserable after giving them a year of splendor. This takes place just before Christmas, too. Can Vic and Simon stop a Krampus before it’s too late?