Dessa is a female rapper. She’s also known as a member of the rapping collective Doomtree, a group out of Minneapolis. What drew Dessa to Doomtree was “their raw aesthetics and unique sound” (Wikipedia).

“Singer, rapper, and writer Dessa has made a career of bucking genres and defying expectations” (Dessa Wanderer). Dessa’s latest album Chime was a favorite of NPR’s Favorite Albums of 2018.


She’s Baaack!

Dessa’s Chime

Dessa’s is back in business! Her singing is as powerful as ever; her raps are as crisp as a freshly printed piece of paper.

She’s one of my favorite female rappers: strong, fierce, and unafraid to be honest. She’s part of the sick indie group known as Doomtree. I know those of you in the Doom Unit are probably wondering why I’m listening to Chime a year after it’s release, but I seriously just got it tonight. I’m already blown away. Dessa can do no wrong.