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Dedicated: A Rhythm of Love Novel

Porter and Graves are two guys trying to make their way in the indie music industry. Les Graves is the bad boy, a run-around, the sexy lyricist, and secretly head-over-heels for his band mate Evan Porter. Evan’s still coming to terms with his feelings for Les. The two have been a dynamic duo, working their way up from the top trying to make a name for themselves. When a threesome brings about suggestive material, suggesting that the guys were a couple, their manager suggests that the two make the best of the hand they’ve been dealt and pretend to be in a relationship–to help their sales. Their last album wasn’t so hot.

While at the cabin where the two have written their previous albums, Les and Evan must either keep up the charade that they are a couple, or actually air out their inner turmoil about each other. They must also come to terms with what a real relationship could mean for their fans, their music, and for themselves.