Woke Up Lonely

A cult leader. His ex-wife, and his nine-year-old daughter sit atop a radio tower, 210 feet in the air. They are having a last picnic. In fact, you’re watching the three of them on your TV screen.

Sharp Objects

Going home shouldn’t feel nerve-wracking. Gillian Flynn’s psychological thriller Sharp Objects focuses on one woman’s innermost demons as she investigates the murders of two preteen girls in her small hometown. It’s in Windgap, she must confront her mother, her father, and her half-sister she hardly knows. As the clock ticks, as the evidence slowly un-spoolsContinue reading “Sharp Objects”

The Bookshelf Project

one of my favorite children’s books: The Little Prince a cozy stock photo. JULY 2018 WHEN I STARTED THE BOOKSHELF PROJECT 86 BOOKS READ SO FAR 200+ BOOKS ON MY BOOKSHELVES & MY KINDLE backstory Hello there! Welcome to a project I’ve been working towards my entire life: reading everything on my bookshelves. I sayContinue reading “The Bookshelf Project”

The Hobbit

Hello there! I’ve finally read J.R.R. Tolkien’s prelude to his famous Lord of the Rings trilogy. Of course, I’ve seen most of the films, but reading this classic was a treat. The world that Tolkien gives us is enchanting, and feels very much like a fairy tale to me–but one with a happy ending. (Looking at you,Continue reading “The Hobbit”