Alfie Bell has a lot going for him: he’s making good money, he’s got his own place, and he’s looking for love.

When he accidentally comes out as gay at his mate’s wedding, his world is turned upside-down. Shocked at his reveal, Alfie leaves the wedding in a rush, leaving the place of reception as quickly as possible. In a pub, he meets a handsome man around his age, and sleeps with him.

To his horror, Alfie learns that the guy he just slept with is his old classmate, James O’Donaghue. He used to torment James for being different, without realizing that he himself was just as different from everyone else, just like James–who now goes by his real name Fen, short for Fenimore.


The Hanged Man (The Tarot Sequence # 2)

Rune Saint John is, above all else, a survivor. He’s the last surviving member of his father’s Sun Throne.


Otherworld (Last Reality # 1)

I read this book last year and forgot to write a review for it.

Otherworld is about entering a virtual reality video game, one that feels very much like Sword Art Online. It’s a YA book for gamer enthusiasts, for young people who enjoy video games. As someone who games a bit, and liked Sword Art Online for its concept, I was interested. (It was also one of the many books I’d had on my shelf for a while if I’m honest.)


The City of Mirrors

There’s just one vampire left: Fanning.

Amy and her friends may have defeated have defeated Eleven of the Twelve, with the help of Brad Wolgast, but Zero, the vampire who also goes by the name Tim Fanning, is still out there.


The Twelve

Amy and her friends are busy trying to destroy the remaining Twelve–the vampires who were death row inmates, who were supposed to be soldier’s for the military–an experiment that went horribly wrong.


The Wolf & the Watchman

Niklas Natt Och Dach (whose name translates to Niklas Night and Day in English) has written a gritty, intelligent first novel called The Wolf and the Watchman. Originally published as 1793 in its native Swedish, The Wolf and the Watchman tells the tale of a watchman roused from a hangover one morning by a couple of kids, telling him that there’s been a body found in the river. Reluctantly, watchman Mickel Cardell gets up from his slumber and goes to the lake to retrieve the body.

There’s one disturbing problem, though: the body is missing limbs and eyes.


Hexslayer (Hexworld # 3)

Horse shifter Nick has dedicated his life to creating a safe haven for other shifters, men and women who can shift into animals at will. His one rule? Never trust a witch. When a feral–an un-bonded shifter–is killed, Nick must work with MWP copper Jamie MacDougal to catch the killer. Nick has one problem, though: Jamie is his witch. Nick is prideful, and strong spirited, and he hates the idea of working with someone like Jamie.


Hexmaker (Hexworld # 2)

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Malachi is a thief. He’s good at it, too. But one night, as he is supposed to steal something from a house, he ends up witnessing a murder. Dr. Owen Yates is a straight-laced policeman, working for the MWP (Metropolitan Witch Police). He helps make hexes and is good at it. When Mal and Owen’s paths cross due to the murdered millionaire, they must put aside their differences and work together to figure out who killed the wealthy man. And why. As they work, their feelings for one another get in the way of the case, Owen must confront his feelings, or deny them, like he’s done so far in his adult life.


Hexbreaker (Hexworld # 1)

Hexbreaker by Jordan L. Hawk cover.

This is a review for the first installment of the Hexworld series. To see my other book reviews, go here.

Tom Holleran is a copper with a dangerous past: he can break hexes. If anyone were to find out, he would be in trouble, spending his time behind bars. But, as it turns out, Tom’s secret is threatened because a murder that takes place on his beat brings back memories of how his gang members were killed.

Cat shifter Cicero, who is determined to find one friend and investigate the death of another, must work together with Tom. He quickly realizes one thing: Tom is his witch. When you find your witch, that means you have a better chance of creating stronger magic.