Blinded by the Light

I saw this film a few nights ago with Rory. We originally wanted to go see Detective Pikachu, but we ended up going to see Blinded by the Light instead.This was a film I was interested in, and Rory thought it looked good, too.

With a ’90s feel to the cinema, we meandered through the light traffic of movie-goers to our spot, pop and popcorn in hand. I liked the feel of the theater, one that was updated but nostalgic at the same time.

When we got to our reclining seats, I knew only a little of the plot: Javed, a teenager living in the small British town Luton in the late ’80s, feels out of place among nationalist Brits who don’t like having Pakistani immigrants around. Jay is teased, and at one point in the film, spit on by a boy who graffiti-ed the words PAKI SCUM on a nearby wall. The racial slur and the British boy’s message is clear: racism is alive and well in the ’80s in Luton.

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