Stardew Valley

Hello, everyone! These past few months, I’ve become obsessed with a little farming game called Stardew Valley. I never played Harvest Moon as a child, but I did watch a friend of mine play it for a bit. Stardew is about a guy or girl, possibly in their twenties, inheriting their grandfather’s farm. One of theContinue reading “Stardew Valley”

My Bucket List

places I want to visit overall: I want to see more national parks in the U.S. the U.K. Canada [completed in the summer of 2019] Switzerland Germany Japan places I want to find in NYC: Lispenard Street & Greene Street the statue of Balto in Central Park books I want to read: All of MaryContinue reading “My Bucket List”

about me & my blog

Welcome! Hello there! My name is Meghan B. Welcome to The Nerdy Nook, a place that’s much like a book-nook. This is a safe space for everyone who comes here, a place where you can connect with me and be yourself. This is mostly a book blog, but I also write about music I listenContinue reading “about me & my blog”