The Bookshelf Project

one of my favorite children’s books: The Little Prince a cozy stock photo. JULY 2018 WHEN I STARTED THE BOOKSHELF PROJECT 86 BOOKS READ SO FAR 200+ BOOKS ON MY BOOKSHELVES & MY KINDLE backstory Hello there! Welcome to a project I’ve been working towards my entire life: reading everything on my bookshelves. I sayContinue reading “The Bookshelf Project”

A Closed Internet

Hello, readers! I love the freedom I have on the web. We all do. Oh, excuse me, I should say had. Recently in the U.S., we’ve lost net neutrality. I was at work when I saw the news alert. I’m enraged and devastated that the Internet is going to be commercialized like television. It’s disgusted andContinue reading “A Closed Internet”

Christopher Robin

Hello, everyone! Happy Tuesday morning! I had a fantastic weekend–my sister is home now from college, so we’ve been hanging out a ton. We’re currently watching Planet Earth II on Netflix. It’s so good! I just wanted to show you guys the new trailer for Christopher Robin. I’m a huge fan of A.A. Milne’s work.Continue reading “Christopher Robin”

Revolutionary Road

Hey folks! [The projector’s film crackles & big band music springs to life. The announcer’s voice is jolly.] Joining us this evening is a young woman all the way from the land of ten thousand lakes! She’s traveled far, and has much to say about this particular picture, Revolutionary Road. Grab your popcorn and pullContinue reading “Revolutionary Road”