Brief Thoughts on the Massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand

Hello, everyone. Recently, New Zealand has suffered a terrible tragedy: 49 people were murdered in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. The news coverage, from the BBC, details the events of the massacre and what has transpired afterwards, including memorial services, flowers and beautiful affirmations of love from the surrounding community, including this picture: OneContinue reading “Brief Thoughts on the Massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand”

Woke Up Lonely

A cult leader. His ex-wife, and his nine-year-old daughter sit atop a radio tower, 210 feet in the air. They are having a last picnic. In fact, you’re watching the three of them on your TV screen.

Workin’ Moms

I recently just finished this comedy about women in the workplace. It takes place in Toronto. One thing I was immediately jealous of was the amount of time that these women–from all walks of life–were able to take off. One women, Kate, took off nine months.

Sharp Objects

Going home shouldn’t feel nerve-wracking. Gillian Flynn’s psychological thriller Sharp Objects focuses on one woman’s innermost demons as she investigates the murders of two preteen girls in her small hometown. It’s in Windgap, she must confront her mother, her father, and her half-sister she hardly knows. As the clock ticks, as the evidence slowly un-spoolsContinue reading “Sharp Objects”

My Hero Academia

Hello, dear readers! My boyfriend Rory and I are watching a really cool Japanese anime at the moment. It’s about young superheroes. Awesome, right?! My Hero Academia is a show about young hopeful superheroes. It blends high school drama with the action and training involved in becoming a real pro-hero at UA High. It feels fresh, notContinue reading “My Hero Academia”