Workin’ Moms

I recently just finished this comedy about women in the workplace. It takes place in Toronto. One thing I was immediately jealous of was the amount of time that these women–from all walks of life–were able to take off. One women, Kate, took off nine months.

My Hero Academia

Hello, dear readers! My boyfriend Rory and I are watching a really cool Japanese anime at the moment. It’s about young superheroes. Awesome, right?! My Hero Academia is a show about young hopeful superheroes. It blends high school drama with the action and training involved in becoming a real pro-hero at UA High. It feels fresh, notContinue reading “My Hero Academia”

Revolutionary Road

Hey folks! [The projector’s film crackles & big band music springs to life. The announcer’s voice is jolly.] Joining us this evening is a young woman all the way from the land of ten thousand lakes! She’s traveled far, and has much to say about this particular picture, Revolutionary Road. Grab your popcorn and pullContinue reading “Revolutionary Road”

Stardew Valley

Hello, everyone! These past few months, I’ve become obsessed with a little farming game called Stardew Valley. I never played Harvest Moon as a child, but I did watch a friend of mine play it for a bit. Stardew is about a guy or girl, possibly in their twenties, inheriting their grandfather’s farm. One of theContinue reading “Stardew Valley”