Call Me by Your Name

First love. First awakening. First everything. When Elio, a young man living in Italy, meets the new arrival to his parent’s home, who open their house to help “young academics revise a manuscript before publication” (p. 4) he hates him. He finds this 24-year-old brash, and standoffish with use of the word, Later! Elio cannotContinue reading “Call Me by Your Name”

On Writing

I’ve loved writing ever since I could form letters. Ever since I knew how to formulate stories through play. As a child, I loved telling stories with my Beanies, Crazy Bones in the sandbox, and German animals. (I’ve played with so many toys; these are the top three.)

On Coloring & Listening

I’ve been coloring while re-reading A Little Life. It keeps me going, even when the pages keep getting darker. I’ve missed coloring, it’s been something to help keep my hands busy. (I know I’ve been writing waay too much about my reading experience with A Little Life, but I seriously can’t stop obsessing over it.)Continue reading “On Coloring & Listening”

A Little Life

I’m re-reading A Little Life, because I love the characters, and Oliver Wyman brings their voices to life. Rereading A Little Life isn’t as difficult for me as it was the first time. The first time, I was too close to the characters and their plight–especially Jude–and couldn’t take a step back and enjoy the story.Continue reading “A Little Life”